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Anyone Who’s Sick And Tired Of Slogging Away… Getting Less Pay Than You Deserve… And Looking For More (Lots More!) Financial & Time Freedom!

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Specialists In Ecommerce

Ms Wendy Swee is the Master Trainer of the Profit from E-Commerce Masterclass. Since 2014, she has coached over a thousand students on how to generate wealth from the internet to achieve financial mastery. She used to be struggling staff nurse who came from a humble middle-class background, until she discovered the surefire techniques which allowed her to generate a consistent 5-figure monthly income through eBay. Since then, she has carved a career out for herself by practising ecommerce and she has moved on to become a full-time eBay seller.

Unlike other workshops in the market which only provide one-time training, we are offering complimentary round-the-clock Whatsapp group chat for all of our students. This means that should you have any questions or require any assistance after the workshop, our group of friendly consultants will be on stand-by to provide you with the personalised guidance you require to excel.

We also offer complimentary bi-monthly tutorials where students can receive refresher training and personalised coaching from our team of specialists. We are the first company in Singapore to offer free post-workshop training for up to 12 months. Bi-monthly tutorials are particularly important in ensuring our students’ success as they need to be regularly updated of e-commerce trends and eBay policies, which constantly change over time.

Many online business models would require you to own inventory in order to kickstart your own business. This means that you would need to fork out a large sum of capital to buy inventory as well as arrange for storage. Holding inventory also means that you may run into the risk of not being able to sell your products, resulting in significant losses. As for our business model, there is absolutely no need for stock up of inventory. You will receive the payment from your buyers before you have to purchase the good. You will then be able to keep the profits.

With our tried and proven strategies, all you need to do is “copy and paste” techniques taught and apply it into your life to earn a consistent source of secondary income month after month… by just working an hour a day!


Real Students Real Results

Since 2014, we have since trained over 1,200 students on how to kickstart and manage their own successful eBay business. Check out what our students have to say upon completing the course…

Our Core Values

Trade Secrets To Enjoy A Dream 5-Figure Monthly Income… Now Revealed In Our Free Sharing Session!

What Our Students Say

“Dear Wendy and Kelvin,

Please kindly see my testimonial for your use, Hope this serve you well. Cheers

I like to say a big THANK YOU to Wendy and Kelvin for step by step guidance and also nearly instantaneous “LIVE” support via Whatsapp.

The course was conducted in a manner that even a beginner or a zero know how could easily understand, follow, and implement the strategy.

I was amazed that I made my very first sale JUST 1 day after the course has ended and 14 more sales in just a time span of 2 weeks. (And of course more to come…:) )”


“Hi Wendy,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and your mentors for having the patients to teach me the skills required to sell on eBay. I have contemplated selling on eBay for some time but never really go down as it seemed like an impossible avenue to make money as there are so many power sellers  and matured sellers on it.

After attending the talk on your program and seeing how confident you were about your methodology and techniques and I followed it sales would come in, I decided to sign up, albeit with a bit of doubt as anyone who first starts will have.

However, for me it was a “better get up and do something now” and a “seize this opportunity” moment.

After signing up and completed your course and fervently applying the techniques that you taught, truly I can say that making money on eBay is not impossible and that your techniques really do work!! It has really been thus far an exciting journey for me. Never have I imagined that I would be actually be excited to go home and look at my eBay account and yet here I am doing now!!

Thanks for the support that you have provided which I must say is what really give me the confidence to start knowing that there is an expert behind to guide me.

Once again thanks for everyone and here is to looking forward to even more sales!!”

Ken Lun


If you are still undecided about ecommerce, check out the articles below which contains the essential information to help you decide if this is the right business venture for you!


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At the Free 2-Hour “Profit From E-Commerce” Masterclass, E-Commerce Specialist Ms Wendy Swee will reveal all her “trade secrets” that allowed her to make a consistent 5-figure dream income every month… by working less than one hour a day! (This could be YOU too!)

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